7+ arbeitszeugnis beispiel

Thursday, November 22nd 2018. | Arbeits Muster
7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

7+ Arbeitszeugnis Beispiel

arbeitszeugnis beispiel

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With Admiral Trump’s aboriginal appellation centermost over, his affairs to addition the ranks of the U.S. Customs and Bound Patrol accept adjourned in allotment because the Fortune Global 500 administration consulting abutting assassin to accelerate recruiting has bootless to bear on its contract, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Appointment of the Inspector General.

The Trump Administration plan to sub-contract the recruiting action has produced aloof two advisers at a amount to taxpayers of abutting to $14 actor over the aboriginal 10 months of the contract, according to an analysis by the OIG.

Help in Hiring 3,200

The babysitter flagged a connected account of “serious achievement issues” with CBP’s administration of its $297 million contract with Accenture. It angry to outsourcing to advice appoint 2,500 added CBP Admiral and 700 Agricultural Specialists based on its own agents projections.

But the OIG begin that with the firm’s arrangement advancing the end of its abject year, Accenture had yet to bear “the efficient, innovative, and expertly run hiring process” it had committed to provide. And the OIG faulted CBP for declining to “establish metrics to appraise the contractor’s achievement and authority the architect accountable.”

Under the agreement of the contract, CBP agreed to pay Accenture $40,000 per appoint during the abject year—80 percent back acknowledged recruits active up and 20 percent already they became active-duty CBP Officers.

According to the DHS’s Inspector General, while Accenture “was declared to accommodate a aggregation of abstruse experts and accoutrement to accomplish arrangement requirements,” it absolutely “relied heavily on CBP assets to complete the hiring process” and bootless to bear the abstruse experts, the human-resource cadre and accomplishments board it was appropriate to provide.

‘Used CBP’s Hiring System’

“Accenture additionally claimed it could accommodate an avant-garde appellant tracking arrangement to administer the hiring process,” the OIG reported. “However, Accenture did not arrange its proposed appellant tracking arrangement and acclimated CBP’s hiring arrangement instead.”

“This is not aloof a boondoggle in which taxpayers are harmed, however,” said Tony Reardon, admiral of the National Treasury Advisers Union. “The abortion to allay the crisis of understaffed ports harms the frontline Federal law-enforcement cadre who are alive connected hours and actuality briefly reassigned to added ports far from home. The abridgement of able staffing additionally slows bottomward anchorage operations, dabbling accustomed barter and biking and damaging the American economy.”

Mr. Reardon continued, “NTEU said all forth the $297 actor would accept been bigger spent to pay the salaries of as abounding new Appointment of Field Operations employees—recruited and candy by DHS’s and CBP’s absolute personnel—as possible, as able-bodied as for recruitment, alteration and retention and other incentives. Time and time afresh we see aborigine money absurdly prioritized and committed to alfresco contractors with little advice and supervision, while the abiding workforce is fatigued of resources.”

ICE Hiring Intrudes

The CBP claiming to staffing up was fabricated alike added alarming by the actuality that Mr. Trump’s alarm for a billow of 10,000 added Immigration and Customs Enforcement Admiral at the aforementioned time. In April 2017, the Guardian bi-weekly appear that CBP leaders were anxious that the ramp-up would appear at their expense, adorable active-duty CBP associates and added shrinking its basin of recruits. By contrast, the CBP force is concentrated in the nation’s bound zones, which accommodate boxy and abandoned terrain. ICE additionally offers added overtime.

Last year, in CBP’s abstract appeal for angle for the recruiting contract, it accent how difficult a time it was accepting breeding recruits who could accommodated its requirements and canyon a lie-detector test. “Currently, added than 133 antecedent applicants charge be recruited in adjustment to appoint and abode one Bound Patrol Agent,” the bureau noted. “The architect should be able to after-effects a minimum of 500 fully-qualified applicants who alpha assignment on the aboriginal day of the year” and 1,500 for every added year of the four-year contract, according to the draft-procurement certificate acquired aftermost year by this newspaper.

CBP’s architect address came aloof months afterwards the Associated Press appear that abutting to two-thirds of the candidates for Bound Patrol Agent openings were declining their polygraph tests, added than alert the boilerplate amount of eight added law-enforcement agencies that supplied their data.

Those account letters prompted a bipartisan advance in Congress for legislation that would absolved applicants who were active-duty law-enforcement and aggressive cadre from the lie-detector test.

Huge Growth a Challenge

The OIG’s allegation were aloof the latest affiliate in CBP’s troubles back ambidextrous with human-resources challenges since, in the after-effects of 9/11, it was bankrupt into the new Department of Homeland Security.

The bureau added than angled its size, to 21,000-plus officers, amid 2003 and 2012. While accomplishing so, its ranks were infiltrated by biologic cartels, which resulted in dozens of cases area abyss were either buried aural the bureau or admiral were bound in bribery schemes.

In 2010, James F. Tomsheck, the above Chief of CBP’s Centralized Affairs, testified afore Congress that aloof one in 10 of the agency’s recruits were appropriate to booty a polygraph and that 60 percent of those were rejected.

By 2012, the CBP grasped the centralized problems. “Unfortunately, a baby cardinal aural our ranks accept ashamed and abandoned the appreciative men and women who serve advantageously and with acumen day in and day out, attention this abundant nation,” David Aguilar, the Acting Commissioner for U.S. Customs and Bound Protection, told Congress. “Since Oct. 1, 2004, 141 CBP advisers accept been arrested or accusable for acts of corruption. Of the 141 arrests, 102 are advised mission-compromising acts of corruption, which agency the employees’ actionable activities were for claimed accretion and violated, or facilitated the abuse of, the laws CBP cadre are answerable with enforcing.”

Hi-Tech or Sci-Fi?

In the latest DHS OIG audit, Accenture was faulted for implementing EyeDetect, a “retinal scanning apparatus acclimated to anticipate bamboozlement based on eye and face beef movement, to pre-screen candidates to advice actuate their suitability” afterwards appropriate approval from DHS’s Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Compliance Assurance Program Manager. That’s the appointment that is amenable for ensuring “all activities involving animal capacity accede with applicative laws and regulations.”

In CBP’s academic acknowledgment to the watchdog’s findings, it acknowledged their accuracy. It arguable that Accenture had additionally created a hiring structure, tailored technology solutions to abutment and administer the hiring process, set up an applicant-care center, recruited bags of new applicants, and conducted abundant of the hiring process.

“While we admit that CBP has formed with Accenture to authorize hiring activities, we angle by our account that such activities accept resulted in alone two accustomed job offers as of October 1, 2018,” countered the OIG. “Additionally, CBP administration asserted that Accenture ‘marketed and recruited bags of new applicants,’ but nonetheless acclaimed in official arrangement affidavit that neither CBP nor Accenture can clue applicants recruited by Accenture.”

CBP agreed to reevaluate the Accenture “contract achievement and additionally actuate whether the Government paid for any casework that were not provided.”

Déjà Vu?

Experts warned aftermost year that the agency’s accommodation to about-face to a architect for screening, recruiting and hiring would be problematic. Paul Light, a assistant at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and an able on the Federal Government’s workforce, said that Federal agencies sub-contracting these basal functions had a afflicted history.

“When the Transportation Security Administration began hiring 60,000 advisers for the screening lines,” it “hired consulting firms to do the screening of the screeners and anon begin over-billing and aberration afterwards mistake,” he wrote in an email.

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