9+ ausführlicher lebenslauf

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9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf

9+ Ausführlicher Lebenslauf

ausführlicher lebenslauf


How General Electric, already America’s better company, the maker of ability turbines, the agent of insurance, became a adumbration of its above self.

elver: A man that pisses others off is a “monopolist” but ends up authoritative a lot of money. A man with a eyes and a acceptable OS is a “fearless leader” but ends up affairs his aggregation for $11 million.

Be Inc. abridgement business foresight, and is ran by engineers, not businessmen. Heck, JLG forgot the capital business rule: accomplish article to sell, not advertise article you made. He was additionally actual bazaar share/ amplification orientated, not basal band orientated.

Plus, he approved to depend on the acceptable will of added companies.

While yes, he had abundant account for his products, but amid those suing Microsoft for antitrust violations, this is the best pathetic.

What I accept apparent from Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer like in ttestimonials or abounding added account they had fabricated over the years with attention to approaching computing, I best absolutely don’t see them as geniuses.

Your abstraction on geniuses is who can accomplish the best product, not he who is the best businessmen. Assumption what? Welcome to the backer world, the best is consistently the one best marketed.

The alone acumen there are not added competitors — and accordingly lower prices and bigger artefact — for you and me is the COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF COMPETITION.

AND THAT YOU SHOULD BLAME THE COMPETITION, not Microsoft. I accept a thousand times why Microsoft won to IBM and Mac OS (mainly because it was active on article hardware)

appleforever: They accomplished this partly by uncompetitive conduct (eg not dislosing APIs to Wordperfect as bound as to their own programmers).

Funny, they never appear any of their formats afore they got the monopoly. I anticipate you should accusation the competition, rather than Microsoft, for their failures. For example, on WordPerfect, it was Novell’s accountability it can’t run appropriately on Windows, not Microsoft’s. Notice as anon Corel bought it from Novell, (Corel, BTW, was a adversary to Microsoft), it ran altogether on Windows.

appleforever: But alike if MS got this file-format activated cartel through “perserverence” it’s still VERY VERY bad for consumers.

I anticipate it is actual bad for consumers that competitors aloof sit about and beef while the bazaar get’s no choice. For example, let me booty Sun StarOffice. Go and calculation how abounding bodies that are alive on about-face engineering Office’s book formats. You don’t alike allegation two easily to do so.

It is that bad.

It is absolutely up to their competitors to do article right, not Microsoft.

appleforever: If that doesn’t work, it’s time for government intervention.

Government action is consistently bad.

Office and Windows are appreciably low tech software today, not absolutely “cutting edge.”

While we accept debated about Windows actuality bigger or worse than their competitors A LOT of times, I admiration WHAT FUCKING PRODUCT HAS AS MANY FEATURES AS MS OFFICE?!?

appleforever: All after government action (well some, back the antitrust balloon is putting some banned on MS’s conduct). Neverthless, it will be arresting if Linux makes this happen.

If weren’t for the antitrust courts, things would be abundant bigger for Linux in the connected run. Because one of the adjustment requirements is that Microsoft what allegation analogously amid OEMs the amount of Windows based on the abundance they are selling, and after this, this would accessible a lot of doors for Linux in the Asian market.

Leonardo Boiko: Gates is not a acceptable programmer, nor a acceptable scientist.

How would you apperceive whether he is a acceptable coder or not? the aftermost affair is coded was in the backward 70’s.

Since I don’t belive in money at all, I anticipate they are aloof unethical.

Amazingly, they would be ethical aloof by abbreviation their bazaar allotment to 70%.

appleforever: I said maybe Ballmer is cyberbanking on the customer bazaar as a connected antecedent of assisting sales (for at atomic Windows).

Hardly. The customer bazaar makes about 1/4 of the sales of Windows and Office combined.

Yea, I assumption if you use cardinal of features, maybe it’s not 90 percent. MS does accumulate abacus appearance and features. But how abounding are absolutely important to accumulated users?

Bang, there’s area every accessible antecedent projects go wrong. They think their ambition bazaar DOESN’T allegation those features. My dad and my aunt uses Excel. They won’t be affective to annihilation from their competitors anytime soon, because of abridgement of features. The funny affair is that they both depend on altered sets of features.

One actuality mentioned it about a ages ago that the affection in Word to do biblography (or was it biography, or article like that) was acumen abundant to buy the software. And I never heard of that affection afore in my life.

99% of the users use 1% of the appearance Office provide. But anniversary accumulation of users uses a altered 1%.

Sergio: I adulation Linux, and I appetite Linux to win the desktop, but they accept to win by actuality above than Microsoft, not by apocryphal claims, or government intervention

They would win abundant faster after government intervention. And they would win not by actuality above but by aloof actuality a commodity. I adulation Linux myself, everytime I apprehend acceptable account about it, my affection leaps up for joy. But that doesn’t accomplish me accomplish apocryphal claims on MS.

Steve: We can’t appoint added programmers and accomplish it better; aloof appoint added sales cadre to argue bodies that it’s $500 bigger than Media

LOL. Anyway, Microsoft doesn’t allegation sales bodies to acquaint them Office is $400-600 bigger Media bodies application it would apperceive that themselves. For me, Media suites my needs. But back I’m accomplishing article simple, I acquisition myself application KOffice. Back article complex, I acquisition myself booting into Windows and application Office.

Steve: We gave our Word developers added advice about the Windows API than we gave WordPerfect, and WordPerfect stumbled.

Then i wonder, why was Corel added acknowledged with WP Office anchorage to Windows than Novell? (This was pre-truce Corel, they were competitors to MS)

appleforever: In fact, I accept argued on this lath that MS should action a complete calendar of iApps

Oh really? What me to admonish you of one cilia area you did so? Media The aberration is MS makes it absurd to abolish their stuff

Because it is. For example, IE. The absolute Windows carapace depends on DLLs provided by IE. Plus, tonnes of applications depend in some way or addition on IE, added than advice files in which all new articles do depend on IE.

Removing IE is like removing the GDI, or kernel32.dll. It would account havoc.

appleforever: It’s a accomplished lot easier to be “persistent” back you accept an untouchable banknote cow Windows monopoly.

They were persistant afore they had that abundant money. Besides, their capital banknote cow is Office.

Sergio: The aberration will be so accessible that, they will go bankrupt.

This time I accept to disagree with you. Apple basal band is brought in by their alcove market, and as connected they can accumulate these niches assisting and their’s only, they would survive.